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      Mars is the fourth planet, half the size of Earth. You recognize Mars by its reddish color in the night sky. And mankind is going to walk on Mars. When?

    Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler; and now great American and foreign men and women of science are expanding our knowledge of our planets and the universe beyond. In 500 years we have gone from the common idea that the earth was flat and mariners like Columbus would fall off the edge of the earth to men walking on the moon.

    Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler had their skeptics just as others said man would never fly, let alone walk on the moon.

    Mars is next!

    The Mars-Landing Registry enables you to participate in this continuing quest of knowledge and exploration. The Mars-Landing.Com Registry provides you the opportunity to register the exact month, day and year you estimate a human will walk on Mars.

    You are also able to compare your estimate with all other estimates. You are not limited in the number of estimates you make.

    Mars-Landing.Com is a Registry of individuals' estimates of when man will walk on Mars. The Mars-Landing.Com Registry is a non-governmental Web-site. The Registry is not a lottery and no prizes will be awarded. Your participation affords you the opportunity to record your estimate permanently in the Mars Registry with the estimates of other participants. You receive documentation of your estimate for your personal records.

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